Is Clown Doctoring Good for the Elderly?

Usually, when people think about clowns they think about those at the circus or attending birthday parties to keep guests entertained. Maybe they are no familiar with so called Clown Doctors. Most of them are not medical doctors (but then again, some are!), but dub themselves with this title because they have chosen to specialize in their clown offerings.

These are very special individuals who devote themselves to putting on a funny show for people who are sick. While the first thought is that this may be great for kids, it can go even further than that. Laughter is the best medicin4987072-3x2-700x467e and not just for young ones: even the aged who have become sick both mentally and physically enjoy clown doctors and find to be improving thanks to them.

All too often, older sick patients spend the majority of their time laying bed and are very restricted in their mobility. They can’t even go for a short walk. Clown doctors can make them feel better by putting on short funny skits, or performing simple feats of magic. It may even be no more than telling a good story or singing some songs and playing an instrument. This, combined with their funny garb and delightful makeup brings some laughter and joy to the elderly.

Many hospitals and medical facilities are beginning to recognize the importance of clown doctoring and are encouraging these specialists to visit their facilities. A budget is being designated for this very important form of entertainment, and many health care providers are finding that it is money well spent.

In some facilities both the young and the old come together to enjoy a short period of entertainment provided by the clown doctors. Even staff will take the time to join their patients as focusing on something positive can be certainly good for them as well!

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