What is Clown Doctoring

Clown doctoring is something that not too many people are aware of. It is gaining in its popularity and for some it is becoming a full-time profession. It is also called clDSC_7462own care or hospital clowning. It is proving to be very advantageous to the healthcare industry.

What it is comprised of is a group of professional clowns who have been specifically trained will visit patients in various healthcare facilities such as hospitals, for example. It actually all started with a individual called Patch Adams who took on the role of being a hospital clown back in the 1970s. He became recognized through the movie that was named after him called Patch Adams and his role was played by Robin Williams. This is really what was the setting of the groundwork of the introduction of clown doctoring.

For patients that have been exposed to a clown doctor many have nothing but good things to say about their experience. These clown doctors will go through a variety of different forms of entertainment that helps patients take their mind off of the illness they are experiencing at the time, and it brings a little joy to their life. It is all based around laughter being the best medicine and of course the clowns that are fully trained are the ones that are the most astute at being able to do this.

Clowns in any form have been well received throughout the years and are something that are considered a form of entertainment at the best of times but are especially important during times of illness. Sometimes they will entertain for groups. Other times when a patient is too sick to join in a group the Clown will take the time to individually visit them. Patients get to the point where they count the days for when their favorite clown will once again be visiting.

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