What Kind of Psychological Effect Does Clown Doctoring Have?

The type of psychological effect that clown doctoring has on young children who suffer from an illness is obvious. When a child is sick, it can have a bad psychological effect not only on the child but their parents, family and friends. ThTherapeutic-Clowning_2ese feelings of fear that are often created as a result of a sick child are additional stressors that the young patient has to deal with.

When a clown doctor enters the room in bright colored clothing, whimsical makeup and full of positive energy it is bound to have a positive effect on the youngster. It is important that family and friends get to experience this same form of energy so they can see how much good it is doing for the young one. Often, it gives all those involved renewed strenght to continue on with what they have to face. It is a short reprieve from all the bad things that are happening.

While the psychological attributes are clearly noted with the young audience, the same can be applied to the geriatric field of medicine. It is becoming widely recognized that this medicine in the form of fun and laughter does a great deal for the mental and emotional state of many ailing seniors. It brings something positive into their lives.

Just being able to watch someone be funny by way of presenting a skit or singing a few lighthearted songs helps the aging individual get more out of life. It helps to remove the boredom that they are often faced with, each and every day. Often what this can do is encourage them to be more outgoing and want to participate in other activities once again instead of excluding themselves and withdrawing.

What is being indicated is that Clown Doctors entertaining the elderly may be stimulating their memory and improving their cognitive functions.

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